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Bank of Moscow has paid child support

Bank of Moscow has paid Andrey Borodin’s ex-wife more than 95 million rubles. Tatyana Repina, the owner of a fur company Selvaggio, in accordance with the garnishment order collected this amount from the former president of Bank of Moscow to support their minor children. The sum makes up alimony for the last year of his work at the bank.

Under the Family Code, a bank as the employer must deduct a monthly alimony from the paycheck of the person obliged to pay under garnishment order. According to paragraph 2 of the agreement on child support, Borodin monthly paid Repina an amount equal to not less than four living wages established in Moscow, but no more than one third of his income for the month. Under the Family Code, alimony for two children amounts to one third of obligor’s income. However, the amount of alimony, established by agreement, can not be lower than that provided for by law. As a result, the magistrate of the judicial station № 217 in Gagarin district of Moscow sided with Repina.

However, having settled all issues with Repina, Bank of Moscow denies compensation to her ex-husband and its ex-president. Borodin demands current management to pay him142.2 million rubles as compensation for the early termination of his employment contract. According to The Russian Mafia web-site (, Borodin refers to the Labour Code which requires paying compensation to the head of an organization in the event of termination of his office. Apart from the compensation, Borodin demands current management of the bank to pay interest for delayed payment. According to his calculations, the sum amounts to 1.5 million rubles. But if his requirements are met, the former banker will have to pay a third to Repina. 


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